Silva Fox Whistle in Protective Case


How close do you want to get?


Whether you are a keen shooter, bow hunter or even a wildlife photographer, the Silva Fox Whistle will call in foxes and a variety of other predator species.

This is a classic example of the famous saying “You get what you pay for”.

Made to a traditional design used for over 100 years, this newly refined and improved version features an amazingly effective call in a design that is both robust and attractive.  The “Silva” is a Must-Have for any hunter!

Laser etching on polished stainless steel in a convenient presentation box – it is almost indestructible so you can hand it down to the next generation as a shooters heirloom. It makes a great gift idea.

The Boxed Silva Fox Whistle should be your go to Fox Whistle which when blown correctly omits 2 notes, the first a high pitched shrill which penetrates long distance can be heard for up to 2 ks away and the 2nd a harsh raspiness which adds panic and distress to the call when the sound of these  2 notes  combine they omit a distress call which Foxes just can not resist.

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Silva Fox Whistle in Protective Case


Warranty: 12 Months

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