Pulsar Krypton XG50 Thermal Clip On (with Monocular Attachment)

Based on a new cutting-edge 12 µm thermal imaging detector with 640×480 pixel resolution and a high quality HD AMOLED micro display, the KRYPTON XG50 offers the sharpest image while retaining the accuracy of the day scope. Suitable for various optics with a wide range of magnifications, Krypton XG50 is a true thermal upgrade turning day riflescopes into powerful thermal imaging aiming systems.

This model comes with a 5x monocular lens attachment so that the unit can be used as a handheld monocular. REQUIRES A RUSAN ADAPTER!

From: $6,995.00

Rusan Adapter for Thermal Clip on Scopes

The Rusan adapter for Clip On Thermal Attachments is the best adapter made!
The adapter features a silent clip-on whereas the adapter has internal rubber-based tape that enables the hunter to mount the clip on silently. Suitable for INFIRAY, LEICA CALONOX, BURRIS, GUIDE and with a reduction ring, PULSAR AND HIKMICRO.

Rusan Pulsar Krypton Reduction Ring with Screen Repositioning

This Rusan Pulsar Krypton Reduction Ring allows you to ditch the standard Pulsar Krypton attachment and utilise the awesome Rusan Adapters, the best solution for clipping on your Pulsar Krypton to your day scope.


In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)

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