InfiRay CL42 384 Thermal Clip On

Meet Clip C Series

The Clip C Series is designed as an attachment for any type of the standard day scope. NO REZEROING is needed just CLAMP&SHOOT. It is a dual-use camera since it can be switched into a professional monocular with the standard delivered eyepiece in few seconds. Now expanding your detection ability together with your day-scope. Requires RUSAN Adapter to attach to day scope.

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Rusan Adapter for Thermal Clip on Scopes

The Rusan adapter for Clip On Thermal Attachments is the best adapter made!
The adapter features a silent clip-on whereas the adapter has internal rubber-based tape that enables the hunter to mount the clip on silently. Suitable for INFIRAY, LEICA CALONOX, BURRIS, GUIDE and with a reduction ring, PULSAR AND HIKMICRO.

8x 2800mAh CR123A Rechargeable Batteries with USB Charger

Extend the life of your optical device in the field with this 8 x 2800mAh CR123A rechargeable battery kit.  The USB charger can charge 4 x batteries at a time.  With 8 x batteries you'll have more than enough to keep you running even on the longest of nights.


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