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ThermTec Ares660 Dual FOV Thermal Sight



The most advanced Thermal Optic is here, the ThermTec Ares660 Dual FOV Thermal Sight, featuring a 20/60mm focal length or 1.07 and 3.2 optical magnification.

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Rusan Reduction Ring for Guide / Burris


This Rusan Guide / Burris Reduction Ring allows you turn your ditch the standard attachment and utilise the awesome Rusan Adapters, the best solution for clipping on youGuide / Burris to your day scope.


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Rusan Modular Adapter Connector


The Rusan Modular Adapter Connector is required to connect your thermal or night vision clip on device to the Rusan Modular Adapter Clamp.  Simply leave the connector attached to your device and quickly switch between your different rifle scopes, or forward attachments.  Available for Guide, Burris, InfiRay, Leica Calonox, Pulsar Krypton, Pulsar F455 NV and HIKMICRO.

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Rusan Modular Adapter Clamp for Thermal Clip on Scopes


The Rusan Modular adapter clamp for Clip On Thermal Attachments is the best adapter made! Now with a quick detach system that allows you to switch between scopes rapidly by leaving the Modular Adapter attached to the scope.

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Rusan QR one-piece adapter for Pulsar Krypton (with screen positioning)


Rusan Q-R one-piece adapter for Pulsar Krypton (with screen positioning)

Made specially for Pulsar Krypton

Can be used with calibers up to 30-06. For stronger calibers we advise to use adapter without screen positioning (fixed).

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Kopfjäger K800 Carbon Fibre Tripod with Reaper Grip


Designed by Dallas SWAT Officers, the Kopfjäger K800 Tripod and Reaper Grip Kit is the perfect, lightweight, shooting accessories to improve stability, enhance accuracy and eliminate fatigue for LEO’s, hunters and competitive shooters alike.

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Rusan Picatinny Quick Detach mount for Blaser


Rusan Quick-detach mount for Blaser – Picatinny rail – 150mm in length.

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ThermTec Cyclops CP650


The ThermTec Cyclops monoculars feature a unique control method that makes these the easiest and most intuitive units on the market to operate.  Simply move the joystick to the right and you’re changing colour pallets, move it forward and you’re smooth zooming in, backward and you’re smooth zooming out.

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